Getting involved with Xubuntu-docs

Even though my schedule has been pretty hectic lately, I've decided that I'm going to try and contribute to the Xubuntu documentation project. Why Xubuntu? Well, for one, I use it. Xubuntu Edgy is presently on my Thinkpad t22, and it's worked great for me. Also, Xubuntu probably receives less contribution from the community than Ubuntu or Kubuntu. I don't even think that Xubuntu had separate documentation for Xubuntu Edgy - when you first started FireFox in Xubuntu Edgy, it said, "Welcome to Xubuntu 6.06!" The project could use some help, I think.

I've hung out a bit on #ubuntu-doc, and am on the ubuntu-doc mailing list. I figure that I'm going to get a start by proofreading. Someone on #ubuntu-doc said that would be a great way to go, especially considering that I'm not a technical expert. I do have a decent way with words, though. Wicked grammar skiillz. So, look for some bug reports from j1mc on the Xubuntu-doc bug report page. I'll be getting some up there soon.