GNOME Docs Hackfest - Day One - Complete

It was a long day of travel to get to the GNOME docs hackfest in Brno, but I arrived safely on Friday. Knowing that they would be concerned, I sent my family a picture to let them know that I was ok, and that I had indeed made it to the Czech Republic.

sleep beer in prague

This picture was taken in Prague, where we met up with Andre Klapper for lunch. Andre and Florian Nadge gave us a brief tour of Prague on foot, but we still had an almost three hour bus ride to Brno. It was a long day.

After a restful night of sleep, we woke up, got started, and day one of our hackfest is now in the books. Overall it was a very productive day, and I feel like we're off to a very good start.

We started at about 9:30am, laying out goals and plans for the hackfest. Here are some of the goals that we laid out:

We also discussed one process improvement. We're going to stop using for draft documentation and just start using branches in the appropriate projects on instead. Using a branch on will simplify things for new contributors who ask what there is to work on (the new contributor would only need to learn how to use, and not also learn gitorious), it will simplify the merging process once docs are ready for merging, and it will also help teach new contributors about managing and merging branches with git.

It should make for a productive event!