I'm on California Time

I've recently had some time to work on docs for California, a new calendar application being developed by the Yorba team.

California Calendar and Documentation

They've just released version 0.2 of California, so I thought I'd jot down a few notes about the the application and the docs.

California, the Calendar

This is only California's third development release, but it already takes care of the modern-day calendaring basics (for example, syncing with CalDAV and Google calendars). To me, though, the best feature of California is how it allows you to enter event details using everyday phrasing.

You can type out your events like this:

. . . and California will take care of adding the event(s) to your calendar.

The parsers are already reasonably complex, and they keep making them better. There are some event entry tips on the wiki, and I'll be adding more of this information to the help as a separate, detailed topic.

California, the Docs

As for the docs, here are a couple of notes:

There's still more to do with these help docs. I'll be adding more help topics as development progresses, but things are off to a good start.