Updating the Ubuntu Packaging Guide

We’d like to get your input on where to focus documentation efforts on the Ubuntu Packaging Guide. There are all kinds of topics that need to be written, updated, or improved — so where should we start? What do you need most?

Give your input via the this Google Docs Survey. I’ve provided some direction by asking you to focus on tasks, concepts, and terminology that can be best documented in the Packaging Guide, but you'll no doubt have other ideas.

If you’re interested in writing on a particular topic, please be sure to note that in the survey comments (and include your name and email address!).  I'll be sure to ping you once we get the new guide outlined and stubbed out.

Also, if you have any suggestions for the packaging guide that aren't encompassed in the survey, please feel free to leave a comment here.


P.S.  Oh, and wouldn't you know that the Mozilla documentation team is updating their Mozilla Developer Network documentation, too? Janet Swisher from their docs team published a note seeking developer input on how their docs can be improved.  She publishes her blog content under a CC by SA 3.0 license, so I've "borrowed" some of her phrasing.  Hi, Janet!